About Amanda Crystal


By day, I'm a freelance writer and aspiring novelist (in progress: "Atlas of Dreams," YA fantasy). By night, I shed my mild-mannered alter ego to become Thamanda Crompson, staff reporter at the Fauxhasset Paroder, a small-town newspaper whose readers are often beset by the strange and satirical. I brake for squirrels, hipster coffee, and sunflower photo ops.


In the Onewheel community, I'm better known as 1woman1wheel or "Mandie McFly." My mission is to inspire all riders - especially the ladies! - to push their boundaries with this revolutionary new board sport. I'm often heard reminding riders to wear a helmet and be kind to one another.

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So you've read my travel blog, and maybe even clicked over to the videos tab - but ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes? I'll be sharing insider content along the way on my Instagram, @1woman1wheel!

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