OneWheel Meets Kolo Bike Park

Floatlife Fest afterparty at Kolo Bike Park in Asheville! So many trails and pump tracks to explore! Soundtrack: REM-IC, “Floating Stars” 

Float Queens Take the Trails

Official ladies ride at Floatlife Fest 2018! Wicked gnarly trails, but we all made it 💪🏻 Soundtrack: Flux Capacitor, “Batteries” 

Floatlife Fest Race Highlights and Interviews

Highlights from the Floatlife Fest trail races and interviews with top competitors, including winner John Turner, fellow Boston rider Jeff Cosgrove, and OW legends Bodhi Harrison, Dom Williams and Andrew Stroh. Soundtrack: Joey and the Instapunks, “Zoombie (2009)” 

Floatlife Fest 2018 Stoke Reel

Highlights from Southern Raft Supply’s 2018 Floatlife Fest, a festival for OneWheel enthusiasts attracting some of the best riders in America and in the world. Soundtrack: AXL & ARTH, “Breathe” 

Richmond, VA

Exploring the hills, trails and pump track in and around Belle Isle, Richmond. Soundtrack: Art Decade, “Steam Punk Sticker War” 

Washington, D.C.

Shredding the sites and streets of Arlington and DC with Novaesk8 and the DMV OneWheel Riders! Soundtrack: Elohim, “Skinny Legs” 

Centreville, VA

 Centreville, VA - aka Floatville USA - with Adam “the Lawnmower” Carluccio. Soundtrack: NONONO, “Pumpin Blood” 


 Exploring the arts, landmarks and bikeways of the city of brotherly love! Soundtrack: Bombay Bicycle Club, “Shuffle."

New York City

Riding around Manhattan and Queens with the NYC Onewheel Collective! Such a warm welcome from this squad, and it was such a great time that I've even decided I don't TOTALLY hate New York.

Wollaston, MA

Shredding on my home turf! Take a tour of my favorite spots around Quincy, MA, including The Prancing Pony, Flying Monkey, and The Cliffs of Insanity.